Saturday, February 22, 2014

The LCB Beat Goes ON! Onstage, That Is.

  We had so much fun at the Chili Cook Off last weekend! The weather was gorgeous all weekend, and the Lake Chapala Ballroom booth was perfectly situated between the stage and the chili.I don't know who James paid off for that position, but we had a great time hanging out all weekend long.

It turned out to be a fantastic opportunity to spread the word to the community about all the activities at Lake Chapala Ballroom. On Saturday afternoon, all the instructors and representatives from their classes got on stage and showed the world what we're up to at LCB. (Thank you dancers- You were amazing!)  It was such a crowd pleaser that  LCB was voted the "BEST ENTERTAINMENT" at the Chili Cook Off and asked to return to the stage throughout the weekend.    
To celebrate, James is having a Special Promotion for DANCEFIT.  If you bring a friend to any of his classes at LCB  (Monday and Wednesday afternoons, Tuesday and Thursday mornings: see the calendar) during  the week of March 3rd - 6th and if either of you purchase a 10 CLASS PASS you will both get that class FREE.
 email James at if you have any questions.

New Classes for March!
  Lety's Jazzercise is so popular that she's adding two classes in the afternoon, on Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30.

  My SalsaFIT is also turning out to be a crowd pleaser (blush) I'm developing a class format that is definitely exercise, but focuses heavily on the techniques that will make you a great latin dancer. It is a partner free format, and we'll be moving to Monday and Wednesday at 5:00 in March.

  Also in our PM offerings, James NRG class at Monday and Wednesday at 4:00 will work you out from head to toe while you dance your booty off with his amazing music selections.

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