Monday, February 3, 2014

By Popular Demand! Ballroom Group Lessons are Coming!

Group Classes Forming for Summer 2014!

These are our cornerstone classes. Every dancer, new and experienced, can come to our group lessons and follow the carefully planned road map to dancing. If you stay on this route, you can become an accomplished social dancer in just five months!

The Dances

The program covers Four Latin and Four Ballroom dances in a progressive series of fun and supportive group classes. Here are the dances you’ll be learning.
Latin Dances
Cha Cha
East Coast Swing
Ballroom Dances
Viennese Waltz

  • Classes will meet at the following times
  • 1:00 Latin Level One
  • 2:00 Smooth Level One
  • 3:00 Latin Level Two
  • 4:00 Smooth Level Two
  •  Five Months to Accomplished Social Dancing in any Situation!
  • Local Restaurants, your daughter's wedding, a cruise or a competition, you'll be ready for any and everything.
  • The classes are scheduled so that you can build on what you learned the previous month. If you are an absolute beginner, here’s the road you should follow:
    In your first month, you can sign up for the Rumba 1 and Waltz 1 classes. You’ll be dancing for an hour and a half and will learn the basic figures for these two dances.
    In your second month, you continue to sign up for Latin 1 and Ballroom 1. This month you’ll be learning Cha Cha and Foxtrot. But in your second month, you can also sign up for Rumba 2 and Waltz 2, because these classes will cover the next level of figures. Now you are dancing for three hours and learning four dances!
    In your third month, you can sign up for East Coast Swing 1 and Tango 1, and also Cha Cha 2, and Foxtrot 2.
    In your fourth month, you’ll learn the basic figures in Viennese Waltz and Bolero, and the Level 2 figures in Tango and East Coast Swing.
    And in your fifth month, you’ll learn the Level 2 figures for Viennese Waltz and Bolero.
    And now you are an accomplished social dancer with the world of dancing open to you! Once you’ve completed this five months session, you are ready for the Level 3 and Level 4 classes!

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