Monday, December 7, 2015

The End is Near!

The end of 2015, that is!
A note from James-- I truly do not know how he stays on top of it allL

Seasons Greetings,
Dancefit, Latinfit, and Sitfit continue at the ballroom.  There is a new Saturday 10am class for Sitfit in December.  There are no classes on Thursday/Friday Dec. 24th/25th & Dec31st/Jan 1st.
~DECEMBER SPECIAL~ Free Holiday Gift with purchase of 10 class pass
see our site for schedules and info:

Elliott continues to focus on her health and wellbeing.  She is making plans to RETURN to the ballroom in January.

Elliott, James, and Ricardo  extend an invitation to celebrate Lake Chapala Ballroom's 2nd Anniversary on New Years Eve with our friends, family, clients, and participants in LCB activities. This is a clients only event...and your guests, of course!
Thursday December 31st 8PM -till?
BYOB - drink and botana to share - we will provide mixers and plates, napkins etc.  
There will be a Champaign toast at 11pm (east coast midnight ball drop)

Opening Day Open House!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Back by Popular Demand!

And getting more popular all the time, James's Chair Fitness class!Yes, it's just what it sounds like...awork out class that do in a chair! But before you get excited and bring a pack of snacks and your I-Pad along, let me warn you, it is a work out!  I nabbed these photos out of the LCB vault.
Christine and PattiO are helping with a demo of the Sit'n Fit class.
 Neither of our fitness models could get over what a work out they'd received.
   And that's the problem! If you come to to Chair Fitness hoping to relax and hang out at the Ballroom for an hour, you are in for a surprise. Although this is a suitable class if you're just getting back into exercise or need to to rehab a particular area.....
If you are already fit, you'll be able to work up a sweat, believe me! You'll work every area of the body, and get in some great cardio.
The classes are Monday and Wednesday from 10:00 to 11:00. Try one out, you'll really enjoy it.

Keep an eye out for updates for 2016 as we dance our way through another Holiday Season!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015



The event has outgrown the dance studio as was evedent at Dance Club Tres with about 60 people moving and grooving.  DC4 will be held at Casita Monatana/Plaza Montana upstairs. THIS IS NOT A BYOB EVENT.

                  A NIGHT OF Zombies & Ghouls

Casita Montana - UPSTAIRS
100.00 PESOS  
Carretera  Centro Colon/Ajijic
Prizes for
BEST  Zombie &
BEST Costume
percentage of proceeds to benefit
the RED CROSS/Thrill The World Ajijic
For Tickets email us or :
JAMES 331-323-0907

Monday, September 7, 2015

What a Night at Dance Club Tres!

It was a spectacular evening at Lake Chapala Ballroom this past Friday. In fact, if these special evenings for lovers of all kinds of social dancing get any more successful, we're going to need more space!
   James and I did a social Cha Cha, which was received with enthusiasm. Ricardo and Joyce  demonstrated  the sexy Bachata, and Joyce also danced Argentine Tango and Milonga...boy, does that woman have energy!What a beautiful dancer she is.
  Nicole danced a lovely Argentine Tango as well, and for icing on the cake,she performed an authentic and lovely Middle Eastern dancing with sass and charm.
As usual, the food, which is brought in pot luck style by anyone who chooses to contribute a dish, was better than any caterer could provide. When we weren't being entertained by the variety of 
performances, everybody there danced the night away to a wonderful variety of music!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dance Club III !

Hola All,

Lake Chapala Ballroom is very pleased to announce after many of you have requested - ANOTHER DANCE CLUB!  Who knew there were so many Lakesiders who like to dance, dance, dance! 

DANCE CLUB TRES (DC3) September 4th Friday 6PM here at LCB

See below for details and our website for updates
Friday, September 4th!
Ricardo (and Lake Chapala Ballroom) will once again be hosting
Lake Chapala Dance Club Tres
at our Ballroom on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 4th  from 6pm - 9pm. 
This is a social gathering of old and new friends and friends who want to share their interest in Music &  Social Dancing. Whether it's Swing, Foxtrot, Disco or Latin, this really fills the vacuum in our little village for those of you who are hungry to share your knowledge or start to learn more about social dancing.    
In other words, it's a chance to dance your booty off and twinkle your toes
with Ricardo and Special Guest Dancers !
IT IS A *B Y O B* event- bring your drink of choice. If you like, bring a Botana/snack to share. At the last party, we ended up with a wonderful buffet!
 Cover is 50.00 pesos   ~ please pay to sign up in advance

we are located across from Bruno’s Restaurant
Carretera Ajijic
 Please see Ricardo or James to sign up.

Hope to see you soon,
 ok to share or post on social media

Saturday, May 30, 2015


You'll be surprised at the workout you get!

This workout is suitable for all ages, all levels of fitness, and excellent for people ( like me) who are getting back
into exercise after surgery or illness. But don't let it fool you! By intensifying the moves you will get a full body  work
out with no stress on your joints. Try it in June!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

James Wayne as Guest Speaker at Lighten Up in Ajijic

And aren't we always interested in everything that has to do with health and fitness? Barbara runs a unique group that was once Weight Watchers. It has morphed into a popular meeting for all things weight loss and health. Here's an overview of the topics James covered, along with some pix from Christine Bott and Patti Orsinger!

James has enlisted Patti and Christine to demonstrate the
use of ordinary household objects in getting and staying fit.
Paulette and Ricardo demonstrate dancing off the calories!

The topic of our meeting was - ACTIVITY -VS- EXERCISE - is sweating REALLY fun?
What is Activity-

A physical activity that is part of your daily life - lifestyle.
Example - household work, gardening, walking a dog daily. 

What is Exercise 
A physical activity that is planned, structured, and done to improve at least ONE aspect of physical fitness = 
Example - Tennis, Golf, Swimming, Dancing, Zumba, Dancefit.

How can you turn an activity into exercise -
Walk to WalMart (physical activity), put your shopping in a backpack or bags in your arms, walk home with added weight (strength), put away groceries - reaching, bending, stretching using your right and left arm (aerobic & flexibility).  Walking your dog up a mountain for a minimum of 20 minutes.
When it comes to exercise, it is a personal choice, you determine how much you can and should do.  We all exercise at different levels. In a group setting try not to  compare yourself to others - they are not you.  We all have different abilities and strengths.    

I made comment of - LESS IS MORE/MORE IS LESS, and explained:  If I didn't exercise yesterday and did today, I did more than yesterday. If I exercised yesterday and today, that's more I have done and less I did not do. If do not exercise, that's less I should have and more I should have.    
We reviewed the Abdominal Muscles (ABS), Diaphragm, and Core of the body (with a picture chart).
ABS - The abdominal muscles provide postural support, protect internal organs in the abdominal and pelvic regions, and perform other functions.
James is working these girls pretty hard!
Diaphragm - helps in respiration and/or breathing,  is involved in non-respiratory functions helping to increase intra-abdominal pressure for elimination of wastes and preventing acid reflux by exerting pressure on the esophagus as it passes through the esophageal hiatus. Hiccups are an effect of the diaphragm having spasms.
Core - refers to the Pelvis, Rib Cage, and Spinal Region.  A person’s CENTER OF GRAVITY where all movement begins.  A strong Core can reduce the amount of stress a body encounters, which reduces injury.  

Lake Chapala Ballroom (owned by Lighten Up! members Elliott Joachim & James Wayne) located across from Bruno's Restaurant, was present to give a demonstration (by James Wayne) of Dancefit and Latinfit by Ricardo Gomez, also Latin Dance Instructor. Elliott who is on hiatus,  is our Ballroom Dance Instructor and Dancefit Instructor.
The group was offered a FREE CLASS to Dancefit, classes at Lake Chapala Ballroom M-F at 8:30 a.m., and given Ricardo's schedule: Latinfit Tue/Wed/Fri at 4pm.  Learn more about Lake Chapala Ballroom here:

I demonstrated using a chair versus a floor/mat for exercising. Another option is working out at home with weights of water bottles,i ncreasing the weights by filling the water bottles with sand, beans, or rice. Or, try taking plastic bags (doubled/tripled) filled with potatoes or grapefruits/melons to use as kettle bells! 
Here are links to more information on exercising in chairs and at home.