Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bye Bye Snowbirds.

Our friend Norm Tihor sent us these..doesn't the Chili Cook Off seem like a long time ago? I notice in DanceFIT that our Snowbirds are already getting ready to wing it back to their Northern homes. Hopefully, by now they'll be safe from this long, strange, winter! As we come to the end of our first winter, I'm happy to be able to report that Lake Chapala Ballroom is thriving. The SalsaFIT class has moved to what looks like is going to be a permanent home on Monday and Wednesday at 5, and we have a lot of exciting activities planned for the "low season." Jazzercise has inaugurated the ballroom as a meeting space by renting it last weekend for an Instructors Conference. Represented were Guadalajara, CancĂșn, Hermosillo, and Argentina! The Ballroom is an excellent choice for workshops and seminars, so if you're planning that type of event, give us a call.

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