Monday, September 7, 2015

What a Night at Dance Club Tres!

It was a spectacular evening at Lake Chapala Ballroom this past Friday. In fact, if these special evenings for lovers of all kinds of social dancing get any more successful, we're going to need more space!
   James and I did a social Cha Cha, which was received with enthusiasm. Ricardo and Joyce  demonstrated  the sexy Bachata, and Joyce also danced Argentine Tango and Milonga...boy, does that woman have energy!What a beautiful dancer she is.
  Nicole danced a lovely Argentine Tango as well, and for icing on the cake,she performed an authentic and lovely Middle Eastern dancing with sass and charm.
As usual, the food, which is brought in pot luck style by anyone who chooses to contribute a dish, was better than any caterer could provide. When we weren't being entertained by the variety of 
performances, everybody there danced the night away to a wonderful variety of music!


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