Tuesday, May 26, 2015

James Wayne as Guest Speaker at Lighten Up in Ajijic

And aren't we always interested in everything that has to do with health and fitness? Barbara runs a unique group that was once Weight Watchers. It has morphed into a popular meeting for all things weight loss and health. Here's an overview of the topics James covered, along with some pix from Christine Bott and Patti Orsinger!

James has enlisted Patti and Christine to demonstrate the
use of ordinary household objects in getting and staying fit.
Paulette and Ricardo demonstrate dancing off the calories!

The topic of our meeting was - ACTIVITY -VS- EXERCISE - is sweating REALLY fun?
What is Activity-

A physical activity that is part of your daily life - lifestyle.
Example - household work, gardening, walking a dog daily. 

What is Exercise 
A physical activity that is planned, structured, and done to improve at least ONE aspect of physical fitness = 
Example - Tennis, Golf, Swimming, Dancing, Zumba, Dancefit.

How can you turn an activity into exercise -
Walk to WalMart (physical activity), put your shopping in a backpack or bags in your arms, walk home with added weight (strength), put away groceries - reaching, bending, stretching using your right and left arm (aerobic & flexibility).  Walking your dog up a mountain for a minimum of 20 minutes.
When it comes to exercise, it is a personal choice, you determine how much you can and should do.  We all exercise at different levels. In a group setting try not to  compare yourself to others - they are not you.  We all have different abilities and strengths.    

I made comment of - LESS IS MORE/MORE IS LESS, and explained:  If I didn't exercise yesterday and did today, I did more than yesterday. If I exercised yesterday and today, that's more I have done and less I did not do. If do not exercise, that's less I should have and more I should have.    
We reviewed the Abdominal Muscles (ABS), Diaphragm, and Core of the body (with a picture chart).
ABS - The abdominal muscles provide postural support, protect internal organs in the abdominal and pelvic regions, and perform other functions.
James is working these girls pretty hard!
Diaphragm - helps in respiration and/or breathing,  is involved in non-respiratory functions helping to increase intra-abdominal pressure for elimination of wastes and preventing acid reflux by exerting pressure on the esophagus as it passes through the esophageal hiatus. Hiccups are an effect of the diaphragm having spasms.
Core - refers to the Pelvis, Rib Cage, and Spinal Region.  A person’s CENTER OF GRAVITY where all movement begins.  A strong Core can reduce the amount of stress a body encounters, which reduces injury.  

Lake Chapala Ballroom (owned by Lighten Up! members Elliott Joachim & James Wayne) located across from Bruno's Restaurant, was present to give a demonstration (by James Wayne) of Dancefit and Latinfit by Ricardo Gomez, also Latin Dance Instructor. Elliott who is on hiatus,  is our Ballroom Dance Instructor and Dancefit Instructor.
The group was offered a FREE CLASS to Dancefit, classes at Lake Chapala Ballroom M-F at 8:30 a.m., and given Ricardo's schedule: Latinfit Tue/Wed/Fri at 4pm.  Learn more about Lake Chapala Ballroom here:  http://lcballroom.blogspot.mx/

I demonstrated using a chair versus a floor/mat for exercising. Another option is working out at home with weights of water bottles,i ncreasing the weights by filling the water bottles with sand, beans, or rice. Or, try taking plastic bags (doubled/tripled) filled with potatoes or grapefruits/melons to use as kettle bells! 
Here are links to more information on exercising in chairs and at home.

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