Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lake Chapala Ballroom Introduces the DANCE CLUB!

 Well, it just goes to show you that Lake Chapala Ballroom doesn't slow down when the snowbirds fly home! Although Ricardo hosted the event, James party planning skills were very much in evidence at Friday night's inaugural Lake Chapala Dance Club party!
          It's a social event that for folks who share an interest in dancing...and I feel as though it really fills a vacuum here. As an instructor, I'm amazed at how many people want to learn some more ballroom or latin couple dancing, but are  disappointed by the fact that there's no place to use their new dancing. Lake Chapala Ballroom is just the place to change all that!
Many Guests brought botanas to share!
Watching one of the surprise performances

Yes, there ARE men who like to dance at Lakeside


Many guests also brought botanas to share, adding
to the festive atmosphere. And nothing livens up
 a dance party like guest performers! Here's Val
with her quinceanera and her chambelanes. Isn't that wonderful? There was plenty more, which I'll post about as the photos come in.  The feed
back has really been positive, though.
     The event was held from 6:00 to 9:00 and interested guests were asked to sign up in advance, as a large turn out was anticipated. The cover was 25 pesos, or 30 pesos at the the door,
     How about you? Do you think a club like this is a good idea?If you like, give us your ideas and what you'd like to see on our Facebook page  or right here in the comments section.
See you at the next "meeting" of Lake Chapala Dance Club!

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