Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sad to see Leti go!

Leti, who was one of the first teachers to bring her jazzercise class to Lake Chapala Ballroom, has moved on. We wish her well in her new consulting business, and know that her jazzercise students will find plenty to keep them busy with James Dancefit Classes on Monday and Wednesday at 10:00, and Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30. He'll be keeping the 10:00 oclock class at least through September, so if you've been putting off starting your fitness program, now's the time to do it!

 James and I have both been busy outside the ballroom. We hosted and judged a dance contest at a wonderful party Friday night. One or both of us is always happy to come out and provide an activity for your party. If you're tired of the same old thing, have your friends over for a Tango Lesson, or Salsa Dance. They always enjoy themselves, believe me.

 We have space available to exercise teachers who are looking for a home for their classes in Yoga, Pilates, Zumba or other forms. As the Season gets closer Lake Chapala Ballroom will be the headquarters for all thing dance, so it's a great way to ride the wave of publicity.
 Speaking of seasons, it's almost Thriller time! Every year, I teach anyone who wants to learn the choreography for Michael Jacksons Thriller, and we all (last year we were up to 130!) dance it at the same time as other people all over the globe. It's fun and easy, and we raise money for the Red Cross. Please join us at the first rehearsal, September 13, 1:00 at Lake Chapala Ballroom!

 New private students are signing up every week, many of them single men! Soon I hope we'll have a balanced enough group of men and women for group classes that will be fun and rewarding for everybody. Look for West Coast Swing to start up first, and then Salsa /Cumbia. It may be after Thriller, so you don't have to hurry up and find a partner just yet

. I'm looking forward to seeing you all out on the dance floor! Dance Coach Elliott

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