Saturday, January 18, 2014

2014 Already?

James Wayne, partner in Lake Chapala Ballroom and Dancefit Retro instructor extraodinaire has been on me to update the blog, pointing out that the last post was New Year's Eve. He's been busy with improvements in the ballroom, handling the day to day business of getting a new enterprise off the ground while I attend to recovering from surgery. Of course, by that I mean lot's of rest and relaxation, and the surgery was performed on November 23rd. James points out regularly that perhaps I could include a little ballroom blogging in my busy schedule..... It's been two months, so I guess it's time to start doing something about those New Years' Resolutions!
   We had an open house on New Years Day to celebrate our grand opening, and it was a huge success.
Friends of LCballroom Helena Feldstein, Pam Ladd, and Marcia Lavendar.

James entertaining guests at the New Years Day Open House

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