Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Lake Chapala Ballroom!

James and I are getting a Waltz routine ready for the Chili Cook Off.

Wait...The Chili Cook Off? Didn't we just dance at that?
We did, one year ago! In fact, we had a gala on New Year's Eve to celebrate Lake Chapala Ballroom's first Birthday...exactly one year ago we had our Grand Opening on New Years Day.
 What a lot of fun we've had this year!We've had Belly Dance classes, Tai Chi, Salsa, Dancefit, Jazzercise, and lessons in Swing, Waltz, Fotxtrot,  and Tango as well as an enormously popular Salsa for Fitness afternoon class. LCB students were even featured in a movie!

Life sometimes gets in the way of our goals, though. As much as we got accomplished, there's so much that I'd like to see happen to bring more dancing into our community. Some of the activities I plan to bring to the ballroom are;
1. Group Lessons in Ballroom Dancing
2. Dance "clubs" that can meet and enjoy live music around the village.
3. More fitness classes inspired by social dance rythms.
4. Dance Practice Parties for students to try out their new skills.
                                                               Sometimes, though, life gets in our way. I've had some bumps in the health road that have prevented me from being able to accurately predict when classes will be scheduled beyond 
"Coming Soon!" I'd love to get my pet project, West Coast Swing classes, started, but I just have to wait until my stamina is a little more dependable. I'm sure many  of you can empathize. They are coming soon, though, I promise.

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